Project Capetown

On an otherwise ordinary day, two students walk into our office. They are studying to become physiotherapists. They enthusiastically talk about their graduation project, for which they are going to South Africa for a few months to put together a sports programme at a school. ‘Is there a possibility to donate some balls for our project’ is more or less their request.
We take the plunge and make a counter-offer. These gentlemen clearly know what to do: ‘Arrange for a container and a transporter and you will receive a full load of sports equipment to carry out your plans in Cape Town’.

Two options: they come back for the few requested balls or they seize their chance (and so do we) to succeed in giving a large number of children the opportunity to play sports.
We all had goose bumps when a few days later, they told us they had arranged everything through their network! 
During their months-long stay, the men were able to use the equipment and later see to it that it was put to good use.

Usually, we need one or two years of preparation for these kind of transports. But sometimes miracles happen!