Recent projects

An overview of projects in which Sports for Children has taken action. Schools and organizations have been helped with sports and games equipment.

Together with a group of experts, the materials are collected, stored and ultimately transported. The goal is to allow children to play sports and play again. They are real examples from practice.

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Kroatie-School-SFC - Sports for children
Project Romania
Project Mostar Bosnia
Project Lesbos
Project Capetown


The continuity of our foundation is partly determined by our large group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to the cause in all kinds of ways to make Sports for Children a success.

Thanks to: Jan Hax, Tom de Leeuw, Annick Wilting, Eva en Noud Van Deurzen, Theo van Rossum, Monique Segers, Carida Kleijn, Jasmin Zekovics, Amina Sabanovics, Groothuis sr, Simona Demian, Daan en Dora Evers, Boudewijn van den Bogaert, Sigrid Boelens en Jacoba Groothuis, Peter v.d. Kerkhof and Jan Hax.

And that is exactly our ultimate goal.

What have we achieved together so far?

Game On

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