De Heeren van Vonder

Heeren van Vonder

Wouter van Nieuwland and Antonie de Rooij (De Heeren van Vonder).
Photo: Serge Hagemeier

In the heart of Eindhoven, advertising agency De Heeren van Vonder passionately builds strong brands. Creative entrepreneurs Wouter van Nieuwland and Antonie de Rooij see a brand as a personality. It grows and transforms. Like a ‘golden egg’ that hatches.

The talent of both men is to develop a brand strategically and let it blossom. Before creating an advertising, marketing or communication expression, they stop and think, together with the client, about the question: what does the brand stand for? They study the image, the positioning and the message. Only then do they devise a campaign and design powerful communication tools that reinforce and renew the brand.

Doing it well

‘The agency adds value. In an honest way. That is in our nature’, Antonie explains. ‘The golden egg is a symbol for the process. To hatch an idea into a golden discovery. Taking the perspective of the customer to elevate his brand.’

Characteristic of Wouter and Antonie is their high social involvement. They created the logo and other communication tools for Sports for Children. The agency is very committed to the foundation. Antonie is also a member of the board of the foundation.

From Eindhoven with impact.