Our Dream

To make many thousands of children of various nationalities happy every year with beautiful and appropriate sports material. Playing and partaking in sports optimally will give them a chance to make a (sports) dream come true!

Supervisory Board

The chairman is accountable to the Supervisory Board. This Supervisory Board consists of (for the time being) one independent member with a broad social background. Jacques Janssen, Director Janssen-Fritsen, currently holds this position. He uses his knowledge, expertise and vision for the Sports for Children Foundation.

Financials 2019

Profit and Loss

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The continuity of our foundation is partly determined by our large group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to the cause in all kinds of ways to make Sports for Children a success.

Thanks to: Emy Veel, Joost Harmsma, Michiel Boelhouwer, Mevrouw Baan, Peter van de Kerkhof, Annick Wilting, Janneke Groothuis, Leo de Hertog, Wouter van Nieuwland, Juliette de Wette, Ruth Groenewoud, Joyce Kalwij, Sander Wassink, Job van den Berg, Job Langeveld, Fons van Gijsel, Gymnastiekclub Tuzla, Saskia van de Vorst, Jan Hax, Jacoba van der Veen, Mevrouw Groothuis senior, Gèra Minten, Boudewijn van den Bogaert, Anita Wouters, Maurice Blok, Anke van Gestel, Emile Kouwenhoven, Berend Poots, Michiel Bleij, Zubin, Lei Willems, Martie Dekkers, Noud en Eva van Deurzen, Theo van Rossum, Monique Segers, Carida Kleijn, Jasmin Zekovics, Amina Sabanovics, Simona Demian, Sigrid Boelens.

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PO Box 2011
5600 CA Eindhoven
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Stefan Groothuis
00 31 (0)6 14 24 26 24

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Jan Willem Geurts

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IBAN NL64 RABO 0167 875 833

to: Stichting Sports for Children

What have we achieved together so far?

Game On

Find out our webshop, with 100% sustainable product made of materials which we could not reuse at schools. 100% unique and 100% for the foundation

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