Through the cooperation of our team with other motivated people - volunteers, partners and ambassadors - we can achieve what we set out to do: give every child the opportunity to play and play sports.

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(from left to right)
General board member Antonie de Rooij
Chairman Jan Willem Geurts
Secretary Thijs Anten
General board member Roy Keultjes

Supervisory Board

The chairman is accountable to the Supervisory Board. This Supervisory Board consists of (for the time being) one independent member with a broad social background. Jacques Janssen, Director Janssen-Fritsen, currently holds this position. He uses his knowledge, expertise and vision for the Sports for Children Foundation.

Financials 2020

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Our Ambassadors

Epke Zonderland

Again and again Epke has brought gymnastics to a whole new level. As of yet he is the multiple world-champion on the horizontal bar. He won a golden plaque in 2013, 2014, and 2018.
In 2012 Epke became Olympic champion in his discipline while participating in the Summer Games in London.

Epke about Sports for Children:
“Aside from intensive training and my studies in medicine I would also like to focus on children and sports. Sports for Children is the perfect fit for that. In the Netherlands there are good sports facilities and the youth has to be stimulated to take pleasure in the game. In Eastern European countries children are usually quite motivated, but there is no adequate sports equipment available. It’s fantastic how used sports material can be deployed there. This way these kids will be able to make a right start in sports and enjoy themselves. I absolutely love to contribute to that.”

Sanne en Lieke Wevers

Twin sisters Sanne and Lieke are part of the best gymnasts in the Netherlands. In 2016 Sanne won gold on the balance beam while partaking in the Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, for which she in turn received a royal award. Sanne was also able to acquire the European title of Glasgow (2018), where she also won bronze with her team in the Cross Country Competition.

Lieke won gold on the beam in 2015 at the European games in Baku, came in third with the Dutch team and won bronze on the individual all-around and on the floor.

Willy en René van de Kerkhof

In 2019, on the occasion of the yearly Carnaval celebration, old top footballers Willy and René van de Kerkhof released a Carnaval hit with the Durbloazers that, after the release of the videoclip, generated a hundred thousand views online and plenty of media attention. The aim of the two brothers was to support a charity with the revenue of the CD ‘Ik ben Willy en gij René’ (‘I am Willy and you René’), and their choice soon went for Sports for Children. In collaboration with De Heren Van Vonder a magnificent PR campaign was launched and the whole action became a spectacular success. SFC is immensely grateful to everyone who helped us get there and we hope to enter into partnerships like these more often in the future, as it would allow us to make a substantial difference for many schoolchildren worldwide!


The continuity of our foundation is partly determined by our large group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to the cause in all kinds of ways to make Sports for Children a success.

Thanks to: Emy Veel, Joost Harmsma, Michiel Boelhouwer, Mevrouw Baan, Peter van de Kerkhof, Annick Wilting, Janneke Groothuis, Leo de Hertog, Wouter van Nieuwland, Ruth Groenewoud, Sander Wassink, Job van den Berg, Job Langeveld, Fons van Gijsel, Gymnastiekclub Tuzla, Saskia van de Vorst, Jan Hax, Jacoba van der Veen, Mevrouw Groothuis sr, Gèra Minten, Boudewijn van den Bogaert, Anita Wouters, Maurice Blok, Anke van Gestel, Emile Kouwenhoven, Berend Poots, Michiel Bleij, Zubin, Lei Willems, Martie Dekkers, Noud en Eva van Deurzen, Theo van Rossum, Monique Segers, Carida Kleijn, Jasmin Zekovics, Amina Sabanovics, Simona Demian and Sigrid Boelens.

Want to join as a volunteer?
Please contact us by e-mail or just call: 06 14 24 26 24.


Partnership with other foundations and companies with similar goals offers opportunities to increase support and realise even more projects.
We are open to such cooperation with other organisations in order to support each other and join forces. Please contact us by e-mail or just call us: 06 14 24 26 24.

Throughout the years, we have acquired a great number of partners with whom we have already achieved some great projects.