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To continue to make many thousands of children happy every year with beautiful and adequate sports material so that they may play and exercise optimally and get the chance to make a (sports) dream happen in turn.

Dear Supporter of Sports for Children,

More than 200,000 children have allready been able to play sports abroad thanks to your help. Used sports equipment was donated and given a new life…

The question has now arisen of how we can keep transport costs affordable. We would therefore like to invite you to make a contribution, so that we can continue our good cause. We will then continue to collect your sporting materials free of charge. This is not only a saving in disposal costs but, above all, an opportunity to help more children to play and sport. Are you in? Please see what the options are below. On behalf of the Sports for Children team, many thanks!

Jan-Willem Geurts
Chairman of the Sports for Children Foundation



Support SFC with € 100,-
As a thank you we will send you a nice keychain and a colorful storage bag



Support SFC with € 250,-
As a thank you you will receive a very cool bowling bag


Support SFC with € 2.500,- for financing a transport

As a thank you you will get this Punching Bag Black Eye Eddy as a gift



Support SFC with € 3.500,- funding a transport

As a thank you, you will receive this mega Seating Unit Icon Man (3x2m) + a drink and a guided tour in our storage location in Helmond


Offer sports material

Is your school or sports institution in need of renewal of sports equipment? If our sponsor Janssen-Fritsen is your supplier of new materials, you can indicate on the order form whether you want to donate your used materials to our good cause. When your order is delivered, your old sports and game equipment will be returned for free. This is not only fast, easy and cheap ... above all, the material is given a wonderful re-use! Not ordered from Janssen-Fritsen, but still want to donate material to our foundation? We then ask for a contribution to the transport costs. The contact person is Stefan Groothuis, who can be reached on 06 20 01 90 69 or send him an email via the link below. Thank you!

Make a donation and become a donor

Sports for Children is completely dependent on donations from private individuals and the business community. Your support is very important to us!

The Sports for Children Foundation is an independent legal entity and has an ANBI status with the tax authorities (ANBI number 8508.59.244). Gifts to us are therefore tax deductible.
With the QR code below you can Make a direct donation for our foundation.
With your contribution we can finance the transports to get the sports equipment to their destination. Thank you very much for your support.
This QR code is too by scanning the code with the camera of your smartphone (taking pictures). Then tap the notification that appears on your screen. You can adjust the amount yourself on the page that appears.
Install the Google Lens app for Android devices.

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Or send your gift to:  

IBAN NL64 RABO 0167 875 833 t.n.v. Stichting Sports for Children  

What have we achieved together so far


The aim of the policy of the Miss IQ Foundation is contributing to a better situation for underprivileged school children in Curacao. Sports for Children has currently established a successful co-operation with this foundation. There are regular transports with sports materials heading for the schools on Curacao. We are open to co-operate with organisations with similar goals, so that we may support each other and bundle our forces. - Let us know by email through the link below or simply call us at: 06 14 24 26 24

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