Our mission

To make many thousands of children of various nationalities happy every year with decent and beautiful sports material, so that they may play and partake in sports optimally and in turn get a chance to make a (sports) dream come true!

This is what we do


Schools in The Netherlands have a budget to buy new gymnastics equipment every once in a while.
Often old equipment is thrown away.


And this while children in some countries do not have access to any gymnastics equipment at all.
We think this is a shame!


That is why Sports for Children collects the used gym materials at the Dutch schools.


We bring them to our storage in Helmond, where they are refurbished if necessary. For example, sometimes we make a new vaulting box out of three broken ones.


If everything is in order, the truck fully-loaded with gymnastics equipment and other sports materials departs. It drives abroad to sports clubs and schools that can’t afford to buy such things.


This way we help the children over there to be able to play sports and have fun.
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Our ambassadors

Sanne and Lieke Wevers

The twin sisters Sanne and Lieke are among the best gymnasts in our country. In 2016, Sanne won gold on the balance beam at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She received a royal decoration for this. Sanne also managed to win the European title from Glasgow (2018), where she and her team also won bronze in the Nations Cup.

Lieke won gold on the bar in 2015 during the European games in Baku, finished third with the Dutch team and took bronze in the individual all-around and on the floor.

Find out how you can help

The continuity of our foundation is partly determined by our large group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to the cause in all kinds of ways to make Sports for Children a success.

Thanks to: Jan Hax, Tom de Leeuw, Annick Wilting, Jennifer De Wildt, Diana Valdivieso Perrée, Eva and Noud Van Deurzen, Theo van Rossum, Monique Segers, Carida Kleijn, Jasmin Zekovics, Amina Sabanovics, Mr. and Mrs. Groothuis senior, Simona Demian, Daan and Dora Evers, Boudewijn van den Bogaert, Sigrid Boelens and Jacoba Groothuis.

And that is exactly our ultimate goal.

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What have we achieved together so far?

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