Grip op Online

A villa on the Stratumsedijk in the center of Eindhoven is home to Grip op Online, marketing agency with a focus on search engine optimization and advertising on social media. Founders Bas Rooijakkers and Joris Dirckx help SMEs grow online with great expertise and pleasure.

Expertise for greater reach

The two have known each other since elementary school and were on the same soccer team for many years. ‘We always had the ambition to start a business together,’ says Joris. ‘In Grip op Online we can put our passion and the experience we gained in previous jobs into action.’
Bas is a Google specialist and Joris an all-round online marketer. They have gathered a team of freelancers around them to work together to help companies get more customers, members or job applicants.

Socially engaged

Bas and Joris would like to be socially involved with their company.
They have traveled a lot and seen that lifestandards in other parts of the world are quite different. The Sports for Children Foundation specifically supports children worldwide to play sports. This is why the foundation is perfect for sports fans who want to make a donation to charity.

Cultivating interest

‘Grip on Online supports Sports for Children with the deployment of knowledge and know-how,’ says Bas. ‘I am setting up a LinkedIn campaign and working on the findability of the webshop. And Joris, with other partners, is developing a video that tells the story of Sports for Children. All this to generate interest among donors, so that Sports for Children can make even more children happy with sports equipment.’