Sioux Technologies – We bring high-tech to life

Sioux Technologies is a high-tech system supplier where the people are the focus. The company is a socially involved family where ‘fun & value’ are key. Besides the technological challenges and the fun in your work, personal development and keeping employees in optimal shape are spearheads in the personnel policy.
At Sioux Technologies they believe that the power of vitality and creativity has a positive effect on your brain. Innovation thus increases which generates a positive influence on work.

Sioux Labs: meet, eat and have fun!

Sioux Labs, the living room of Sioux Technologies, is designed to meet colleagues, while enjoying a well-crafted snack and drink.
This sporty and playful decorated central spot with sports articles and trendy accessories from the Foundation Sports for Children, is perfect for meetings in (large) groups during sporting -, business – and social events.

Development & innovation

Sioux Technologies, being a high technology company, knows the importance of sports and games for development and innovation. Therefore the company supports the Sports for Children Foundation.
The contribution of Sioux Technologies made it possible to transport safe, usable gym equipment to countries where sports and exercise for children is not a given.