Miss IQ

The Miss IQ Foundation and the Sports for Children Foundation have been working together successfully for years to provide underprivileged school children in Curaçao with sports equipment and school furniture. Twice a year, six containers are transported to the island.


Miss IQ helps to increase the chances of children and young people to have a positive future and to make them socially resilient. If they get a good basis, they can build their own lives and that of their country.
By visiting schools in districts where there is poverty, Miss IQ contributes to a better future for the whole of Curaçao.
‘Every change comes from an action’ is therefore the motto of the foundation.


Emy Veel works as a regular volunteer for the Miss IQ Foundation alongside her full-time job. She has been on the island many times already: ‘This is so much fun to do! Seeing the children and teachers so happy with all the materials. last time, to thank us, we were invited to a dance performance by the children.’

Supply, demand and aftercare

‘The foundation visits schools in primary, secondary and vocational education as well as practical schools. We map out what pupils and teachers need in terms of teaching materials and school furniture in order to match supply and demand,’ says Emy. With regular maintenance, the equipment can last at least five years. Schools that received a donation are visited regularly.


There are a lot of demands to receive a donation of materials. Schools are not supported by the state and Curaçao has high debts. ‘Poverty is high and increasing, partly due to the pandemic’, Emy says. ‘There are many single-parent families with four or five children. The children are raoming the streets more and more often and crime is on the rise. An alarming development. We hope to make a difference in taking action to help provide young people with education and give them structure and good care.’


The beautiful logo of the Miss IQ Foundation is promising: a fairy with a magic wand in the colours of the national flag adopted on 2 July 1984 and symbolising the island. Blue represents the loyalty of the people, the sky and the sea. The happy yellow represents the sun and cheerfulness of the people. The two stars indicate two islands: Curaçao and Little Curaçao. The stars have five points because of the five continents where the people originated. White means peace and happiness.