Brabants Business Media

Brabant Business Media is Rob Verdijk’s cross-media journalism platform. ‘We make news 24 hours a day for and about companies and institutions in Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg’, says Rob. Our online magazine is published eight times a year. The printed edition of Brabant in Business is distributed every three months for over 25 years already. Every fortnight we send out a news letter.

The interactive platform for the south is primarily a community. An inspiring network of entrepreneurs who share their story, vision, knowledge and vacancies. A great added value for the entrepreneur. They can follow developments closely and bring their own message into focus and strengthen their brand. For cross-media promotion, Brabant Business Media has all offline and online media in house: magazines, websites, banners, blogs, apps and videos.

The media company supports Sports for Children with publicity. Visibility is of great importance to the foundation in order to keep helping children worldwide to get into sports and exercise. Brabant Business Media contributes to awareness and a positive image.